Pilat Informative Educative: SVG - PHP - MySQL - JavaScript

NEW! Tracks and maps from IGN - french geographical institute

Compatibility with Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 1.5, Opera 9, Safari 3 and Batik 1.6

The three tutorials are compatible and free !

New games : Labyrinthe Master - Mastermind - Sudoku
Penrose tilings - Drawing tool 

Tiling the plane
- Ifs with mouse

Filters and Opera 9
- Animation and Opera 9


You can use Internet Explorer 5.X, 6.X or Firefox 1.0 with Adobe plugin 3 or 6 beta

Compatibility with Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 1.5, Opera 9, Safari 3 and Batik 1.6 : work in progress ...

Embedded svg in pdf file ( with examples )
Adobe Plugin V6 
Flowtext Cursor RCC SMIL transition video Script....


Tutorials can be load as zip files
You can explore here all chapters

Tutorial Part 1 about SVG elements
Tutorial Part 2 about SVG and ECMAScript
Tutorial Part 3 about Mathematics and SVG

Maths tools on line

For presentation about SVG filters :
final paper and slideshow

For workshop on animation : 
( with Stefan Goessner ):
slideshow, exercises and FAQ as pdf
Load as zip files

New version "tiling the plane"
Penrose tiles
SVGeom : catch, arrange and play

SVGeom Euclidian geometry 2D
Hyperbolic geometry
Euclidian geometry 3D
Plotting curves 2D
Create IFS with mouse
Mathematics samples
Tool for statisticals charts

Other tools 

Version 2.0 of drawing tool SVGDraw
Make slideshows ( ASV6 only)
Games: Memory, Taquin and Puzzles
Cellular automata - Conway's life game
LOGO interpreter
Euro converter

You can create interactives maps in SVG 
You choose datas, filling regions, symbols, pie charts, bar charts ....

Tool for create blank maps 
Examples of maps
Documentations in PDF file for adding maps 


Using IGN maps - create or show track as gpx
New version statisticals maps
Cartography SVG and javascript

SVG and Javascript

Routines javascript - SVG
Javascript and DOM
Tool for create patterns
Using SVG filters
Using SVG gradients 
SVG reusables components  

JS Dom and SVG as database

Create, clone, modify, delete and move objects    
Windows 100% SVG ( alert, prompt, confirm )
Formulars 100% svg - javascript ( pop list,text input, radio button..... )
Pop menus example   Color picker ....
Search in database for methods ans attributes for DOM objects 

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